tattoo removal


If your tattoo  no longer has the same appeal to you as it had when it was created, we can help you:

Using a short-pulsed ruby laser, tattooed skin regions can be treated with great precision.

Ink-pigmented skin cells absorb the laserlight significantly stronger than the normal skin cells. Thus the cells will heat up in a very short period of time, which leads to their explosion. Scavenger cells of the immune system dispose of the destroyed cells and absorb the remaining pigments. As the laser pulses are very short, the surrounding tissue remains unharmed. Small superficial bleedings can show after treatment. These become encrusted and fall off after a few days.

The risk of scars is low (when blood crusts are removed violently or in the unlike case of infection) and can be contained by using disinfecting ointments and by avoiding work under unclean conditions.

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“No longer feeling comfortable in your skin?”

Here you see some exemplary treatment progressions using the described method: