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Outpatient Surgery


We offer a highly specialized, outpatient care for cataract surgery, eyelid surgery and laser treatment. Take a look at some of the procedures that we provide in our clinic for outpatients. Should your surgical procedure require anesthesia or monitoring, you will be competently cared for by our experienced anesthesia team. Our complete pre and post operative care can take a significant length of time therefore please allow sufficient time on the day of surgery.


We really take care of our patients. In our practice in Bocholt If you are not able to organize your own transport you can use our free shuttle service. You will be picked up at our practice in Neheim in the morning and taken back after surgery. The pre- and post-operative eye checks can of course take place at the Neheim practice in Apothekerstraße.




“Good vision means quality of life!”

Cataract Surgery
– Replacement of clouded eye lens 

What are Cataracts?

The perfect interaction of cornea, iris diaphragm, lens and retina creates a sharp image in our brain. Our lens is soft and flexible at a young age, producing a sharp image at any distance.

Over time, the human lens becomes harder and duller – cataract begins to build. The clouding of the lens impairs vision: those affected have a blurred vision. Contrasts and colours fade, sensitivity to glare increases.


With our competent team of eye specialists, refractive managers, anaesthesists and modern technology, we can help you quickly and effectively. If the retina, the film in the eye, is intact, a cataract operation can restore vision acuity. Even defective vision such as pre-existing short-sightedness or farsightedness and astigmatism can be corrected with precision lens surgery. In most cases, you will not need glasses for seeing at a distance. After surgery, reading glasses with corrective lenses will be necessary in many cases.

Surgery and Intraocular lenses

Special intraocular lenses are available for special requirements:

bluefilter lenses for retinal changes
aspheric lenses for better nightvision with a wide pupil
toric lenses for compensation of corneal curvature
multifocal lenses with multiple strengths for proximity and distance
EDOF (extended depht of focus) – lenses for everyday indipendence from eye glasses


Multi-strength lenses are not suitable for everyone. We therefore offer our patients a complete consultation service. You can arrange a one-to-one consultation appointment during which we can help you choose the most suitable lenses for you. Alternatively, you can visit our next free open evening.


The outpatient lens surgery can be performed under local anesthesia. It is a routine procedure that is frequently performed at our clinic.  We also offer our patients simultaneous surgery on both eyes.

Slip lid correction – Blepheroplasty – Upper lid OP

The eyes of a person are always the first thing people look at. If there is excess skin on the eyelids, one looks tired, the eyes feel heavy, eye make-up is no longer suitable or it becomes unattractive, the eyelid skin hangs on the eyelashes.


Correction of this excess skin is now possible with the blepheroplasty procedure  The incision takes place in the eyelid furrow so that no scars are visible after healing. The procedure can be carried out under local anesthesia or under  total anaesthesia.


You will look fresher and more rested!

We will be happy to advise you on the various options we can provide you with for reducing wrinkles and on treatments you can have for tightening the upper eyelids. Don’t hesitate to contact us and arrange a free and informative consultation appointment with us!

Minimally invasive Glaucoma therapy – iStent inject®-Procedure

Glaucoma or “Green Star” is when optic nerve cells die because of an elevated intra ocular pressure resulting in vision impairment.


The hollow bodies are only 0,36mm in size and create an additional connection between anterior chamber and

Schlemm canal, the natural drain of the intraocular fluid.

Thus iStent injections provide an additional passageway of the intraocular fluid, which reduces the intraocular pressure.


This outpatient surgery can be performed under local anesthesia, minimizing any disruption for the patient.

We’ll be happy to give you individual advice!