Augenarzten Dörner & Dörner

Contact Lenses


After we determine your eye measurements, we decide  with you, which lenses will be best suited for your requirements.
Our extensive selection of contact  lenses allows us a precise adjustment to determine the exact lens characteristics you need. If you wish, we can also provide you with  detailed instructions on how to use and maintain the lenses.


During the first appointment, after you have received your lenses, we will discuss your first experiences and check once again how well they fit your eyes and their functionality. If necessary, we will do  further optimizations or you can arrange additional appointments.

We want to make sure that you feel totally comfortable with your contact lenses, therefore we grant an extensive test phase.

Even after a successful lens adjustment we recommend regular appointments during which we will examine the lenses and anterior eye section and ensure healthy eye condition.


Optimal lenses adjustment provided by:

  • Master-opticians and optometrists specialized in lense adjustment
  • Regular and intensive further training
  • Regular attendance of specialist conferences
  • A broad spectrum of special lenses
  • Continuous  cooperation with our ophthalmologists



“Your lense needs to be as unique as your eye.”