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 Eye examinations for children


Amblyopia screening is about discovering visual disturbances at an early age and, if necessary, starting treatment as early as possible. In principle, the earlier a vision disorder is diagnosed, the greater the chances of recovery. Unfortunately, visual impairments in children are usually discovered too late. The “central programming process”, in which amblyopia can still be healed, ends at about 6 years of age. Children should have a general check by an ophthalmologist between the age of 6 month and 2 years, even when they do not have any known vision complaints. Prematurely born children with diagnosed eye diseases, vision defects or squint/strabismus in the family should be examined by the end of the first year of life.


The procedure we use to examine the eyes depends on the age of the child.  We test the refractive power, visual acuity and eye cooperation. If necessary, the pupils are dilated with eye drops. The entire examination takes up to one and a half hours. The eye drops increase the sensitivity to glare. Remember to bring sunglasses. This consultation is free of charge. You are welcome to bring a referral from your pediatrician.


“It is very important to recognize eye-sight impairments in children as early as possible!”